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Thank you so much for visiting and showing an interest in what I do here at Lily and Jack's! My name is Helen and I live and work in the stunning Lake District with my husband Bryan and Golden Retriever, Sam. Originally from (also stunning) North Devon, I moved to live and work in the Lake District in 2005. If I am not found getting creative in the studio, you can probably find me in the mountains, walking, running or most likely, climbing!

It's pretty fair to say that I love designing and creating. It's a fact. My love for design first started way back in secondary school. This only further developed when I got my very first Mac (yes sorry. I am an Apple Mac snob...) and the world of digital design was opened up. My first taste of wedding invitation and stationery design came when I designed and made all the stationery for our big day back in 2014. I felt right in my element doing this. With my background of Graphic Design and a passion for creating the perfect first impression for such a special occasion, I found that this is a service that I wanted to offer partnering nicely alongside my design and marketing. Lily and Jack's Paper Studio was soon born. 


A lot of people ask where the name 'Lily and Jack's Paper Studio' came from. Simple - Lily and Jack are my grandparents! I  thought this would be a nice touch to name my new business after such a wonderful couple. Plus, I absolutely love how sweet and romantic 'Lily and Jack' sound together - it seemed to all fit!

My mutual obsession for graphic design, digital marketing and illustration, paired with a love of working alongside a beautiful mix of people, is quite frankly why I started Lily and Jack's Paper Studio..

I would love to hear from you and how we can work together to create something beautiful :-)

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