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Real Wedding Feature - Harriet and Sean, New House Farm

Unfortunately, stationery images in place on the wedding day itself often get a little overlooked. Its certainly a lot easier to style and take pretty images of invitation items in the studio that it is of the larger on the day items, so it is such a delight when couples send over gorgeous photos of the stationery you created for them actually in its place!

I worked with Harriet and Sean from the very beginning at their invitation stage. They chose the 'Mell' design which really suited the style of their wedding and of course being inspired by the Lake District, it felt pretty perfect to use!

Harriet and Sean got married at New House Farm in Lorton, one of the most beautiful venues in the Lake District.

Their photographer was the incredibly talented Tiree Dawson who I very much appreciate having got some images of the stationery.

A massive thank you goes out to Harriet, Sean and Tiree for sharing the images. Don't forget to get your photographer to capture a few shots of your stationery on your wedding day, it will go a long way by us stationers. I promise!!

Helen x

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